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  • National Proposed Bylaw Change for Life Membership

    National MCL has a proposed 2013 National Bylaws change to increase the life member fee for the last tier of the life member fee. At present the fee for life members from age 51-60 is $300. Age 61 and over is $150. National proposes that age 51-64 be $300 and age 65 and over be $200.

    Please note the change for ages 61, 62, and 63 is $150 more than the current $150 fee. Plus age 65 would increae $50 to a $200 fee.

    I would suggest if you have any members who are age 61 and over for them to pay the current life member fee of $150. Because if this new change is approved at the National Convention, anyone age 61-64 would double their current fee of $150 to $300.